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  • Paix

    Paix is located in southern [[Montaigne | Montaigne]], close to the border to [[Castille | Castille]]. It's most striking feature is "Le Labyrinthe":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/seventh-sea-far-from-home/maps/39818, a huge complex of buildings …

  • Montaigne

    Montaigne is 7th Sea's counterpart of France. "Here is a map":http://www.tlucretius.net/7thSea/Maps/Map_Montaigne.htm you may find useful. Places in Montaigne: * [[Dechaine | Dechaine]] * [[Paix | Paix]] back to [[Locations | Locations]]

  • Dechaine

    Dechaine is a town in Northern [[Montaigne | Montaigne]]. [[:alain-louis-vicomte-du-lac-1 | Alain]]'s family maintains a town house there and the group travelled here to find out more about the Judge who had declared Alain's father insane. People of …

  • Antoine Gabriel du Lac

    Antoine Gabriel du Lac is the former Vicomte du Lac, but has passed on his title to [[:alain-louis-vicomte-du-lac-1 | Alain]]. He had been declared insane and imprisoned by his youngest son Jean-Remy who is trying to claim the title for himself. The group …

  • Charles René Flaubert du Doré

    Charles René Flaubert du Doré is the nephew of the Judge in [[Dechaine | Dechaine]]. He amuses himself with women and duelling and he enjoys killing. He fights in the [[Swordman's Guild | Snedig style]] and he is a very dangerous opponent. [[:don-ramon …

  • Christine Gaulle dul Motte

    A young noblewoman in [[Paix | Paix]]. [[:lucia-constanza-inez-roja-da-silva-de-montenegro-1 | Lucia]] does not like her very much and she has a feud with Esmeralda Constanza de Montoya de Ochoa.

  • Cosette

    Cosette is a trained thief in the employ of Robert, the king of thieves in [[Dechaine | Dechaine]]. He has send her along with the group (with their knowledge) and for now, she poses as [[:javier-alvarez-y-sandino-de-calderon | Marcello]]’s servant.

  • Jacques

    Jacques is a spy for [[Montaigne | Montaigne]] in [[Paix | Paix]]. He works for [[:georgette-deneuve-du-surlign-1 | Georgette Deneuve du Surlign]].

  • Jean Paul Gaulle dul Motte

    A Musketeer who bested [[:don-ramon-luiz-vasquez-de-montego-1 | Ramon]] in a duel in [[Paix | Paix]]. He holds the rank of Master in the Gaulle[[Swordman's Guild | Swordman’s School]] and also fights Villanova style.

  • Jean-Remy du Lac

    Jean-Remy du Lac is [[:alain-louis-vicomte-du-lac-1 | Alain]]‘s younger brother and the family’s black sheep. After the death of the oldest brother, he had his father declared insane and took control of the family’s fortune. He has travelled to Charouse …

  • Jerome Sices du Sices

    Was to be the second in a duel fought between Phillipe Reines du Rogné and [[:don-ramon-luiz-vasquez-de-montego-1 | Ramon]] on behalf of [[:alain-louis-vicomte-du-lac-1 | Alain]]. Insulted [[:sir-richard-logan-1 | Logan]] and was to fight a duel with him …

  • Marie-Chantal du Lac

    Marie-Chantal du Lac is [[:alain-louis-vicomte-du-lac-1 | Alain]]‘s younger sister. Her brother[[:jean-remy-du-lac-1 | Jean-Remy]] took her with him to Charouse where, the group believes, she is a hostage to ensure the family’s good behaviour while Jean- …

  • Michelle du Gloyme du Lac

    Michelle du Gloyme du Lac is [[:alain-louis-vicomte-du-lac-1 | Alain]]‘s mother. After her youngest son[[:jean-remy-du-lac-1 | Jean-Remy]] had her husband declared insane, she was a captive in her own home until Alain and his friends freed her. She has …

  • Phillipe Reines du Rogné

    Phillipe Reines du Rogné failed to be accepted into the Musketeers, but he nonetheless wore their uniform when he attended a party at the [[Montaigne | Montaigne]] embassy in [[Paix | Paix]]. [[:alain-louis-vicomte-du-lac-1 | Alain]] pointed out the …