The Inquisition has existed for centuries, but has come into real power only recently, especially after the Hierophant, the head of the Vaticine church, died. Its leader is Ésteban Verdugo who has made the Inquisition into an organisation to be feared by anyone who attracts their attention. Inquisitors operate in secret until they have gathered plenty of evidence against any heretics, they prefer to wipe out the entire group all at once. The recently created Knight Inquisitors don’t bother with that and will arrest and possibly kill anyone whom they suspect.
There are many rumours about the Inquisition and it’s quite possible that the Inquisition prefers it that way. It’s much easier to rule when people fear you. This is particularly true for Castille where the Inquisition has more power than anywhere else in Théa.

Known members of the Inquisition:

  • Enrico Lucani, Knight Inquisitor

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